Monday, December 21, 2009

The holidays are just around the corner, and this year has been especially fun. Sofie is very excited about Santa and she went to two theatrical performances: The Holiday Extravaganza in Warrensburg with Mimi and Uncle Parker - Matt was scheduled last minute to work and Uncle Parker was a good sport (but it was complete with tap dancing, ballet, Santa's Elves, sparkles, and Sugar Plum Fairies, and also yesterday, we had the ultimate holiday "girl's day out" with Trinity and Kate and some other great ladies and their girls. We saw the KC Ballet's "The Nutcracker"! Sofie wore her holiday dress and we curled her hair. It was so much fun. Just before intermission she was fussy, and toward the finale as well, but other than that, she really enjoyed herself.

Matt can be heard singing Christmas Carols and Sofie hasn't bothered the presents under the tree at all! The dogs are enjoying the cold weather, and I'm enjoying the beginning of my two-week vacation. The mornings are very quiet before everyone wakes up, and I savor that time for ME. :)

Dad and Penny are snowed-in in DC, and we won't be seeing them as planned today, but it will all work out and we'll have a great time whenever we get to see them. Mom is hosting Christmas Eve at her house and on the menu: brisket and homemade mac and cheese - and vegetarian broccoli cheese soup just for us! Bob and Jeanne are hosting Christmas Day at their house and this year will be nuts! with kids opening mountains of presents. It will be loads of fun.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sofija Soleil's 2nd Birthday

Highlights from a fanastic day

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don Bosco

I am honored to work with people every day who come from Nepal, Burundi, Vietnam, Korea, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Somolia, Iraq, Costa Rica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, China, and EVERYWHERE!! I now work at Don Bosco ESL which is a non-profit funded by the state and fed. government in congruency with Penn Valley Comm. College. The classes are for adults and are free for everyone. We have 9 levels of English classes, 1 being pre-literate (meaning that in the native language, there was no written language) and 8 being GED prep. I have learned so much about the refugee process in the USA as well as how cruel the world is to undocumented immigrants (which I already knew, but now know on a more personal level). Thankfully, they have Don Bosco for support. I love all my students and everyday is ever-changing. I have about 60 students coming and going and I constantly have new students every day. The picture with me is my Hatian student who is a professional soccer player!! Cool.


This was a fun day: Sofija Soleil's first water color. She loved it. The pictures tell all, and since then, we've collaborated on a mother-daughter acrylic diptych (a two-panelled work of art). Love that paint!!!